Yellow Wallpaper Essays Feminism

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Literature that includes women affects social perspectives.

In the feminist masterpieces, “The Yellow Wallpaper” by Stetson, and “The Story of an Hour” by Chopin, the reader is confronted with two tragic and similar literary works that paint a vivid glimpse into the mindset of Victorian Era women.

Because of the similar way that the protagonist of each story is subjugated and dreams of freedom from their male oppressors as well as the different ways that they ultimately respond to their subjugation, the reader is made well aware of life for women in a patriarchal society. For example, the protagonist in “The Yellow Wallpaper”, the Narrator, faces subjugation at the hands of her husband as well as his colleague.

Feminist critic’s aspects that have been sed as a tool for political, economic, educational, social, psychological, health and more parts in every woman’s life as a point of study and understanding.

Feminist criticism has not always been a welcomed literary analysis genre.


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