Writing An Assignment Introduction

(Technical Memos and Laboratory Reports) A logical response to this question may be, “That’s easy! When you know what the data says, figure out why it matters. Another way to think about this process is to ask yourself “So What?

(For example, .) Without a controlling theme, your essay will be a list of details with nothing to unify them or give them purpose.

Eliminate information that does not relate to the central idea, which stems from the purpose of the writing.

At this point, you are gathering information, so don't worry about organizing your observations.

If you haven't yet written a sentence stating a main idea, try to do so now.

Include outside research if allowed by the assignment.

Be sure to cite material from other sources, just as you would in a research paper.

Later, you may decide not to include the no‐hit softball game you pitched when you were nine, or every fast‐food job you've ever had.

But by making a complete list, you can look for patterns that will help you organize the content of the essay.

When you discuss features and techniques like these in your essay, you should relate them to a point you are making, usually about the author's theme or purpose.

For some essays, you'll present your own thoughts, observations, and experiences, without reference to a text.


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