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Economic analysis is characterized by the use of models, simplified representations of how economic phenomena work.

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Most Ph D students are mathematicians, not simply economics majors.

This means most quality economic research requires a strong use of mathematical language.

Economics research usually begins with a strong understanding of literature, and papers require a section that summarizes and applies previous literature to what the paper at hand. Your writing will demonstrate that you understand the findings that relate to the topic.

Economists use the first few paragraphs to set up research questions and the model and data they use to think about it.

The main purpose of such working papers is to make the work of the author available to other researchers and to identify the priority in the chosen field of research.

The main peculiarity of Economics Papers is that it should prove that you are a connoisseur of the economic theory.Successful papers are not cranked out the night before a due date.The hardest part of any writing assignment is starting.There are two types of economic sources: empirical data (information that is or can be easily translated into numerical form), and academic literature (books and articles that help you organize your ideas).Economic data is compiled into a number of useful secondary sources: The literature review demonstrates your familiarity with scholarly work on your topic and lays the foundations for your paper.It is okay to have an inconclusive paper, but it is not okay to make overly broad and unsupported statements.There are essentially two decisions to make: (1) How many empirical results should be presented, and (2) How should these results be described in the text?During your Economics Paper presentation, you need to establish new concepts concerning diverse fields of Economics.But if you haven`t any idea how to do that, you are welcome to find some helpful websites where you can buy powerpoint presentation and get your best marks.The key to discussing results is to stay clear of making value judgments, and rely instead on economic facts and analyses.It is not the job of an economist to draw policy conclusions, even if the research supports strong evidence in a particular direction.


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