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As for my HLs, I wanted to do an EE correlated to them, so I ended up deciding on ITGS and Chemistry.I've done a little research in regard to what each of these entails, but I ask this subreddit to see other perspectives.

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The biggest change focuses on the emphasis for reflection so you will want to look through some example prompts on the website to focus your 500 word 3 part reflection.

Any teacher can supervise but you need to point students towards subject specific resources and focus your meetings with the student on development on argument and looking for perspectives that other subject lens bring to the topic. In our workshop a huge range of potential topics were discussed, many of which included Economics as a possible focus.

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The use of subject specific terminology concepts from both subjects throughout is really important so it makes sense that students should really study both subjects they have chosen.

To pick up on Global Politics concepts without studying the course is possible but it was be hard to get up to speed with the many complicated subjects during the time frame of the EE.This information reflects changes to Extended Essay in light of the new guide beginning for August 2016.The World Studies Extended Essay is a rather secret option of the Extended Essay for students.Also, I am aware of the fact that an EE in science is very difficult and also it it requires a lot of data collection at school as you essentially are doing a lab.Thus, I wanted to ask you guys if any of you had done an EE on world studies.Do they look at subjects together to identify differences or contrast subject based perspectives.For some students the following model might be a start.Contemporary issues should be within the lifetime of the students completing the essay, so this excludes lots of historical events.Themes exist for IB WS EEs but are purely used to organise the marking allocation and should not be at the forefront of the students thinking.It is important for students to think about how they will construct the essay.Will they speak to one subject area then the other then move to develop some conclusions ?


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