Wood Business Card Holder Plans

And here, we have collected unique and creative ways to show off your business cards in total 47 Cool Business Card Holders to inspire you. We hope the collection above will inspiring you when show off your business card in unique and cool ways.

Your turn now, which one of the collection above you like the most?

I will order more to have handy for those times you need a quick gift for a specific occasion.

But for those of you that own it when it comes to business and professionalism, you need business card holders…you know…the kind that sit on your fancy, professional desk.

It would be really cute for builders, interior decorators, contractors, designers, home bloggers, whoever has anything to do with houses…or who doesn’t, but likes them anyway 🙂I grabbed a piece of 2x scrap wood and screwed a piece of scrap 2×2 onto the top like shown in the picture. What other shapes could you make a business card holder in??

Then, I took a piece of my 1×2 scrap (longer than you actually need so that you can trim the screw holes off the ends later) and screwed it into the top of the 2x scrap like shown. The desk that most likely doesn’t look like mine all covered in papers and receipts from months ago…and that random cheese stick wrapper I forgot to throw away…ha.I recently made this house shaped business card holder for my real estate agent (PS more on this later, but we are selling our house for any of you locals who are interested 😉 )from some scrap 1×2 boards and how cute is this?! Who else can you think of that would love a house shaped business card holder??Take a scrap piece of wood and test it out before starting the project.) -Sand edges and in between each cut if necessary.*If you do not have a table saw or if you have not had a lot of experience using one, we’d recommend leaving it as a square shape – which looks really nice too!Today, practically each artisan, craftsman and other service providers such as restaurants, hotels, travel agencies, carriers, etc have business cards in order to retain existing and attract new customers.Your taste toward stuff reveals who you are actually.I even had my dad cut this into a triangle because using the table saw for projects where my hand is a bit too close to the blade still terrifies me – and I use the table saw pretty often!If you still want to go for it, here’s how: -Measure to the center of your wood along the side where you cut into and determine what angle the blade will need to be in to create the triangle.They appeared in the 17th century, and in that period people used them when they went to visit someone.The card was given to the servant, and he carried it on a silver platter to master or lady of the house. If the hosts were not at home, the card served as a reminder on who wanted to visit them.


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