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This main is for important partners who do not fall into the earlier categories, but that you would need to contact in the event of an emergency: Review your Business Continuity Plan to make sure that all issues have been addressed, and identify any areas in which you may need additional documentation.The "Business Continuity Plan Checklist" provided by Capital Health was developed to ensure that you've covered most aspects of your plan. You should present a draft of the Business Continuity Plan to your emergency preparedness team for review and/or comment.Being proactive in contacting important customers can go a long way in mitigating losses.

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Whether it's a natural disaster such as an ice storm, or a serious accident in an industrial plant, an unforeseen event can disrupt business operations at any company.

After all, in an emergency situation, your employees may not be able to come to work.

Getting a plan in place shows your employees, shareholders and customers that you are a proactive organization; it improves overall efficiency in your company and helps you allocate the right financial and human resources to keep your firm up and running during a serious disruption.

Here are 8 basic steps to keep in mind when putting together your plan.

crisis management team, employee support, IT backup, defining security perimeters etc.

Additional sites with useful information: Use the supplied templates to create lists of all your key contacts along with their contact information.If it is impossible to get to the office, they should be able to contact each other and make plans for resuming operations, at both home offices and offsite locations.This includes use of data backup and disaster recovery plans.The next step is to determine the most significant tasks required to continue operations.Who are the necessary people and what are the tools and information needed to continue operation?You should also ensure that this "emergency manager" has the authority to get things done.As with other business aspects, planning for an emergency relies on the following: Use the Planning Team for Business Continuity in an Emergency form (DOC) to clearly identify the team members and coordinator who will create your BCP for emergencies, along with their respective contact information.Your suppliers may face a shortage of the materials you need to continue your business activities, or demand for your services may simply decline.No one can predict the future; however, you can be ready with a sound business continuity plan.Businesses need to look at all such potential threats and devise BCPs to ensure continued operations should the threat become a reality.A business continuity plan involves the following: When developing a BCP all threats that could cease regular business should be determined.


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