Voyages Of Discovery Essays On The Lewis And Clark Expedition

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Baptiste returned to America and for awhile became a mountain (the explorer John C.

Fremont mentions in his journals encountering him.) During the war with Mexico in 1846, Baptiste was hired by the Army to guide the Mormon Battalion from Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, all the way to California, where he became a magistrate of San Luis Rey Mission in California after the conflict.

Jean Baptiste Charbonneau -- "Little Pomp" to William Clark -- was educated in St.

Louis under Clark's supervision and later became a traveling companion to a German prince, who took him to Europe for five years, where he learned several languages.

Question: How did Lewis and Clark get mail -- and the prairie dog -- back to Jefferson? The prairie dog -- and everything else: reports, animal skins, Indian corn, etc. Louis, put onto another boat going down the Mississippi to New Orleans, then put onto a sea-going vessel from New Orleans to Washington.

It all arrived in August of 1805 -- on the same day Lewis was ascending Lemhi Pass nearly three-quarters of a continent away.

He concludes (as do most historians) that it was December 20, 1812, at Fort Manuel near today's Kenel, South Dakota; not many years later, at the age of 100, on the Wind River Indian Reservation in Wyoming.

Question: What happened to Lewis's dog -- and what was his name?

This is the place, with its eerie sandstone formations, that Lewis wrote his famous line about "scenes of visionary enchantment." More information about that part of the Lewis & Clark trail is available from Travel Montana, 1-800-847-4868 (1-800-VISIT-MT) or online, at Some additional Clark journals are at the Missouri Historical Society in St. But in many instances, the explorers relied on the skills of George Drouillard, who knew sign language -- a rudimentary way of communicating through gestures, practiced between the many different western tribes who rarely spoke the same language.

Question: Are there still any of the peace medallions?


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