Very Short Essay On Health Is Wealth

It’s meaning: We all know the popular saying “Health is Wealth”.By health we do not mean the absence of physical troubles only.

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Fresh air helps us to improve our immune system and overall health. Fresh and pure drinking water is also necessary for good health.

Impure drinking- water is the cause of several diseases. Food: Food is another necessary thing for the body. Consumption of healthy foods helps us to minimize any health related problems. We should always include a portion of green vegetables, fruits or salads in our meal. Our digestive system plays a key role in our overall health. Happiness is priceless and not dependent upon the wealth of a person.

It doesn't mean that they are out of their sense of health.

Not at all, they think that after becoming wealthy they can somehow gain health, but time after time, they become trapped in the addiction of money making game.

In India, over-eating causes a large number of deaths. Physical exercise and sports: We know the proverb, “A sound mind in a sound body”. We should clear our house and the surrounding areas every day.

In order to keep the body healthy, we need to keep the mind sound. Every day, we should bath twice, in the morning and in the evening. Importance of light, air and water: Good health depends on several things.Fresh air and sunlight are very important for our health. A dirty and damp atmosphere causes lots of diseases.It is noticed that they take a second race of getting rid from diseases and thus loses accumulated wealth behind doctors, hospitals, Jim etc.As far as I know these people loses their life balance and indispensable proper timing of their early lifespan; when they could remain alert, awaken and tuned in.After eating food, we should clean our hands with soap. Various types of diseases erupts from unclean surroundings. A disease-free body is a healthy body, and cleanliness is the key for health. We should keep ourselves free from cares and anxieties. If this goes on, naturally you won't live healthy lives, and neither can all people.In past time, our great, intelligent grandparents used robust way of lifestyle and managed their bread and butter by doing hard work for farming, tilling, planting, harvesting to get their two times meal.Walking increases the blood circulation and thus provides extra oxygen for brain.According to scientific research it is listened that we should provide 20 percent extra oxygen to the brain at least once a day.


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