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If there are elements of the UVA program that support your particular interest or connect to the experience you choose to highlight, definitely build those bridges to show admissions you are familiar with the programs UVA has to offer and have already connected how your experiences will help you achieve future academic success.

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Answering this prompt requires an interesting combo of creative interest in action and traditional why essay elements.

In asking you to describe an inspiration, admissions is not simply asking you to identify something that has motivated your interest – they also want to know WHY the landmark, building, or other element of design struck your fancy.

What past experiences and commitments will show admissions that you are truly committed to the field you’re interested in.

And how might you act on your passions and interests?

Feel free to expand upon how being exposed to creativity pushed you to explore your own talents.

Another helpful hint: using terminology that showcases a command of design and architecture concepts can be really helpful in showing admissions your commitment to the field.The Requirements: Answer two essay prompts of roughly 250 words each.Supplemental Essay Type: Why, Oddball, Community The first of UVA’s two required essays is specific to the school within UVA to which you will be applying.There is no better way to prove your interest in a school and your determination to master a subject than to show you understand a school’s offerings and have thought through how you will best use the resources at your disposal to accomplish your goals.This prompt has been posed by UVA for a few years in a row now, and it’s one that students usually love or hate.Try to avoid the obvious (no Great Gatsby, please) unless you have a hyper-personal connection to the material at hand.Instead, search for concepts, ideas, art and stories that ignited your curiosity, made you fall in love with a subject, or pushed you to new academic heights.What work of art, music, science, mathematics, or literature has surprised, unsettled, or challenged you, and in what way?This is one of those curve balls we were just referring to.This should give you some initial ideas for problems that need solving so you can put on your thinking cap and invent some thoughtful solutions. And do your research to make sure the thing you’re trying to create hasn’t already been invented!Describe an instance or place where you have been inspired by architecture or design.


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