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Sol: The payment made to anybody is in the proportion of the work done and not in the ratio of days spent.

Using work and time formula in 24 days working alone A & B would have done 24/48 = 1/2 and 24/72 = 1/3 of the work.

In math, distance, rate, and time are three important concepts you can use to solve many problems if you know the formula.

Distance is the length of space traveled by a moving object or the length measured between two points. Time is the measured or measurable period during which an action, process, or condition exists or continues.

Or You can take the total work to be equal to 120 units (the LCM of 24, 20 & 8).

That implies A does 120/24 = 5 units a day, B does 120/20 = 6 units a day. Now if C does 4 units a day, he can finish the work in 120/4 = 30 days. If we add all this it will give us the work of 2A, 2B and 2C in 1 day i.e.That means they together did 1/2 1/3 = 5/6th of the work.Remaining 1/6th of the work must be done by C, the only person present. In this article we learned, how to solve the time and work questions by applying the basic time and work formula and by using the unit’s approach.That means working alone B would have done 3 × 10 = 30 units.The remaining 120 – 30 = 90 units of work has been done by them together.Or Besides that one more approach can be applied in the work and time questions i.e. Time and work short tricks can be applied in this case, as the numbers used are 8 hours & 12 hours, let the work be equal to 24 units (which is the LCM of 8 & 12).Now as they finish the work in 8 hours working together, that implies together they do 24/8 = 3 units an hour.Step 1: A problem involving work can be solved using the formula , where T = time working together, A = the time for person A working alone, and B = the time for person B working alone.In this case, one pipe is filling the pool and the other is emptying the pool so we get the equation: Step 2: Solve the equation created in the first step.They do 2 3 = 5 units a day working together, thus they would have finished 90 units in 90/5 = 18 days.Hence the total work was finished in 18 10 = 28 days.


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