Thesis Statement About The Iliad

Thesis Statement About The Iliad-82
The gods treat the humans as their pawns, encouraging them to do things they would not do themselves.“The murderous War-god urged was there to urge men on to slaughter each other” (Trojan War 266).Trojan War Thesis Paper From the reading the Trojan War we can see that the Mycenaean people regard themselves as inferior to the gods, and are the gods pawns meant to carry out what they will not do themselves.

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The gods’ disrespect for the human race is a common theme among Mycenaean literature.

In the Theogany Zeus deems humans as lesser than the gods, for he “would not give the power of unwearying fire to the Melian race of mortal men who live on the earth” (Theogany 11.

This great poem, still somewhat prevalent today in modern society, is the tale of the Trojan War.

Recently the epic was recreated into a two hour film loaded with historical inaccuracies, although in some instances, does follow the Iliad fairly well.

Everyday there is always someone or something that just makes you angry. A quick background story of Achilles is when he was a young boy his mother dipped him into the River of Styx....

[tags: Homer, Trojan War, Iliad, Odyssey] - There are many running themes in the literary work “The Iliad”, but the one that stands out to me and that caught my attention.

[tags: Iliad] - Homer’s epic poem The Iliad has various types of characters and theme.

The Iliad focuses on two main characters, Achilles and Hector.

Both of these characters portray great strength and heroism as warriors in different ways.

The Iliad can also be seen as a story about Greek culture, but from a Christian perspective, this contradicts Christian views....


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