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When you receive your SAT scores, you will receive three scores for the SAT Essay, each on a total scale of 2 to 8.She mentions the open window and explains that her husband and brothers are out shooting but will be back any minute.They exchange small talk about shooting and birds, and Framton iterates that he has been told to have complete rest and avoid ‘mental excitement’, when Mrs Sappleton announces that her husband and brothers are returning home.The theme, characterization, use of vocabulary and humour all contribute to the passage making it a very entertaining piece of writing. It truly takes a talented writer to create such a vivid image through his choice of words. One would not note the humour in the passage just by reading it once; the denouement makes the reader give the passage a second reading. These scores will remain separate and will not be combined with your Reading or Writing and Language Test scores.The scores you receive on the SAT Essay will give you important feedback about your strengths in reading: how well you understood the passage; analysis: how well you analyzed the author’s argument; and writing: how well you structured your response.So, let’s get started with some free hands-on practice! Introduction Literary appreciation The Open Window by Saki The story concerns a very self- insecure man trying to woo a self-possessed young lady of fifteen who does her best to get rid of the man by making up a story which terrifies the man into leaving the house.It is so brief it has almost the air of a parable about it, except that it’s far from clear what the ‘moral’ of the story is, or even if there is one.Saki uses language so deftly and to such effect, that it is worth unpicking and analysing ‘The Open Window’ (which can be read in full here) a little.


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