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Rebecca Nurse Aside from John Proctor, Rebecca is the only other resident of Salem who refuses to confess to witchcraft.

She values her reputation more than her life and is sentenced to hang as a result. The play opens with a sickness spreading through the town. Reverend Parris saw Tituba dancing with his daughter in the forest. He is suspicious because Abigail used to work for the Proctor family as their servant, but was dismissed for unknown reasons. She realizes that she can manipulate the town's fear of witchcraft to further her own agenda.

This first dichotomy, God versus the Devil, is self-explanatory.

The mere mention of witchcraft has half the town running around hysterically.

Reverend Hale comes to the town to assist with the trials and believes John. Before he can do anything, however, Abigail claims that witchcraft is happening right there in the courthouse. He does not want his sons to grow up with the legacy of their father being a Devil-worshiper.

Both Reverend Hale and Reverend Parris are distressed, but Elizabeth tells them that she understands, since she knows her husband has finally redeemed himself for his affair. One of the key themes in The Crucible is the importance of reputations.His wife, Elizabeth, continually reminds him of his unfaithfulness, and Abigail hates him for rejecting her.His greatest sin is his pride concerning his reputation.Abigail exploits the town's fear of the Devil to get revenge against John.She aligns herself with God by accusing other people of being witches, thus guaranteeing her safety amid the chaos. He definitely had all the power in their relationship.There is a large cast of characters in The Crucible: Abigail, Betty Parris, and Mary Abigail is John and Elizabeth Proctor's former servant.She had an affair with John, and when Elizabeth found out about it, she made John break it off and fire Abigail.Abigail manipulates Mary into helping cast suspicion on Elizabeth, who is then arrested. She tells the court that she made up the accusation of witchcraft, but her confession causes Abigail to turn on Mary.John thinks the best way to stop the nonsense is to admit that they had an affair, since then everyone will understand that Abigail is lying because she wants revenge against him.Both Rebecca and John refuse to besmirch their reputations and confess, choosing to die instead. A dichotomy is a contrast between two things that are considered polar opposites of each other.In The Crucible, there are a few very important dichotomies at work: God versus the Devil, men versus women, and the community versus an individual.


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