The Architectural Uncanny Essay In The Modern Unhomely

The Architectural Uncanny Essay In The Modern Unhomely-44
He claimed that the fear of blindness is often regarded as a substitution or equivalent to the fear of castration.[Jentsch, 1906] On those two forms the “double” comes and supplement that feeling’s experience.“Artificial limbs do not disrupt amputees’ bodies, but rather reinforce our publicity perceived normalcy and humanity.

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[Smith, Morra, 2006] Uncanniness in Prostheses Nowadays, advances in fabrication technology, reinforce the unconscious doubt about whether, a hand for example, is a prosthetic or a real one.

According to Masahiro Mori “when we realize that a hand, that at first site looked real, is in fact artificial, we end up experiencing an eerie sensation.

Life, defined by Kant as the organization of matter, can thus be defined prosthetically as the technical organization of matter, one whose source is both within and without the body.

[Caygill, 1997] At its best, the prosthetic is no longer lifelike but becomes life itself, inserting itself into the unseen biological processes.

According to Lacan and his “Mirror Stage” theorem, the uncanny feeling can also be caused by reflection of one’s self or a body’s part.

[Alain Miller, 2013] The thieving hand expresses the somatic ramifications of mechanized production.

Jentsch defines the uncanny as “being a product of intellectual uncertainty”.

However, Freud suggests that “Heimlich has a meaning as a word that develops unto an ambivalence until it finally coincides with its exact opposite, unheimlich” [Vidler, 1992].

[…] thus, we lose our sense of relevance, and the hand becomes then uncanny”.

If it starts to move though, this eeriness sensation intensifies.


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