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Besides it is an economical and effective to the driver.

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To convince my audience that the use of cell phone while driving is dangerous.

Central Idea: The use of cell phone should be banned while driving because of the minds not focus on the driving,the driving and the distraction by the phone.

•Supporting details 1 Certain studies show that driving while talking on the phone can lead to injury or increasing the crash risk.

•Supporting details 2 Example like a study by Suzanne Mc Evoy and colleagues of driver on 2005 in Western Australia have found that drivers that are using cell phones were four times tend to be in injury-resulting crashes when talking on the cell phones.

From the report, there were also a passenger aside Niki.

The weather were stormy and the road were wet and winding.•Main point 2 Phone can bring harm to people around if the driver is using it.Government need to be aggressive in settling this issue.But, when something distracting us we might lose focus on driving example when suddenly something happened, we have or tend to have slower braking time.•Supporting details 1 To curb this from always happened, the government can also make some changes to the road rather than we use the law to reduce the number of driver that doing this ‘crime’.They will be fine for 0 for first offense and the second offence will be 0 and the third offence will be 0.•Supporting details 2 By doing this, I am sure people will not played their cell phones while driving because the price is to high!So, after few times seeing some accident and the impact when using hand phone while driving, I get my knees shake.•Preview of main points/ central idea For today, I will convincing you that cell phone need to be banned while driving because the minds will not focus on the driving and how to overcome this problem which is the government need to fine driver that found guilty with high prices and the government should improve the roads condition such as put the “rumble strips”.Niki sat in front of passenger seat during the low impact crash.(picture of Niki Taylor) Transition to main point 2 As we all know, the government have banned the use of cell phone while driving.


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