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Prospero and Miranda venture off to see Caliban, the slave of Prospero and former ruler of the island.

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This causes Prospero to abandon his attempt to refine the savage and instead he holds Caliban captive, forcing him to assume responsibility for the tasks that he feels are too menial for civilized individuals.

For modern readers, not quite capable of grasping the full concept of colonialism, it is necessary to question whether or not Shakespeare views this as the true order of things – had the play been written today, would there have been such a profound ‘master and slave’ relationship?

This had been part of a scheme by Prospero’s own brother, who with the help of the King of Naples, planned to steal Prospero’s power and take over his station.

In a strange twist of fate, these men – enemies to Prospero – have ventured close to the island where Miranda and Prospero have been living for the past 12 years.

How would today’s society have reacted to the depiction of captivity and oppression?

The seamen fight with all of their might to lower the ship’s sails in a bid to control the ship.

Immediately, Miranda is intrigued by Ferdinand’s handsome charm, and he is equally in awe of her beauty.

He refers to her as a ‘goddess’ and endeavors to win her over.

Ariel is reluctant to continue his servitude, but Prospero quickly reminds the spirit that he had freed him from the imprisonment of Sycorax and Caliban.

Prospero promises Ariel complete freedom if it is to help him complete his plan.


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