Telephone Conversation Poem Essay

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Her goodness is seemingly confirmed later on when the speaker says that she was "considerate" in rephrasing her question of his skin colour.

These kind descriptions of the landlady were filled with verbal irony.

In this poem, the poet describes a telephone conversation between a black man and a white woman.

Silenced transmission of Pressurized good-breeding. Voice, when it came, Lipstick coated, long gold rolled Cigarette-holder pipped. He feels that he must let her know that he is black: This is where the lapses in communication begin. Silenced transmission of / Pressurized good breeding." She next asks the ridiculous question, "'HOW DARK? Wole Soyinka is Nigerian playwright, novelist, critic and the first African writer to get the Nobel Prize award for Literature in 1986.

"--sensing Her receiver rearing on the thunderclap About my ears--"Madam," I pleaded, "wouldn't you rather See for yourself?

Friction, caused--Foolishly, madam--by sitting down, has turned My bottom raven black--One moment, madam!He suddenly stops and says, “’Madam,’ I pleaded,’ wouldn’t you rather see for yourself? When describing the lady, the poet uses a lot of sarcastic language.Irony is lastly used when the man describes himself to the woman.Educators go through a rigorous application process, and every answer they submit is reviewed by our in-house editorial team. He says that he hates a “wasted journey” which indicates that he has been rejected before due to racial discrimination. The black man is searching for an apartment to live in and is inquiring the lady for any availability.In short telephone coversation is based on the theme of narrator finds it difficult to find accomodation only because of his skin colour.Instead of discussing renting prices and baraining they conversation is bases on their skin colour.The African man was being very sarcastic about the colour of his skin but the landlady could not accept the fact that he was black.When his sarcasm reached a peak, he sensed that the landlady was goind to hang up on him. The first tone of irony is sensed when the man confesses that he is an African.Again, she asked hinted a question about the colour of his skin.He told her that he was brunette; facially brunette, but the palm of his hand and soles of his feet was “peroxide blonde”.


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