Teaching Critical Thinking Middle School

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It is his philosophical approach to critical thinking that, I believe, puts his ideas and concepts head and shoulders above others.It is not a "cookie cutter," "fact or opinion worksheet," "use these words when asking questions" approach.

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As a normal part of their history class, students can be taught to strive for and monitor their own thinking, discussion, and writing with these standards. Having these standards as a target, students can learn to regularly assess their own thinking by asking such questions as "is my writing clear," "am I being complete in my discussion," and "does my response show the depth of my thinking?

" That these are excellent targets at which to aim becomes obvious when we ask if it is even conceivable to state that a person is a good thinker, except that they usually give unclear, imprecise, incomplete, and shallow answers. (2) Thinking and reasoning are the foundations of lifelong learning, and in a world characterized by continual change, we must develop in our students that which will endure: good quality thinking.

One strategy I like to use is called I See, I Think, and I Wonder.

In this activity, students are shown a picture with no caption.

Mentally, some middle school students are not quite ready for this challenge.

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Regardless of readiness, Common Core curriculum requires that middle school students learn to think critically. There are a number of ways to introduce the concept of critical thinking to students.

Bloom's Taxonomy and Costa's Levels of Questioning are two of these methodologies.

Simply stated, Bloom's Taxonomy is a visual tool that lays out the different levels of higher-order thinking skills.

The advance of knowledge has been achieved not because the mind is capable of memorizing what teachers say but because it can be disciplined to ask probing questions and pursue them in a reasonable, self-critical way.

Scholars pursuing knowledge submit their thinking to rigorous discipline. Paul has been an international leader in critical thinking, and his work has been very influential in my teaching.


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