Source Of Energy For Photsynthesis

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The photosynthetic process allowed high life diversity, as witnessed by the fossil records.

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This special issue contains selected papers on photosynthetic and biomimetic hydrogen production presented at the International Conference “Photosynthesis Research for Sustainability–2016”, that was held in Pushchino (Russia), during June 19–25, 2016, with the sponsorship of the International Society of Photosynthesis Research (ISPR) and of the International Association for Hydrogen Energy (IAHE).As hydrogen can be produced from many natural sources, it is expected to have a stable price in the future, independent of the fluctuation in price and availability of single sources.Hydrogen is a synthetic fuel and it should be manufactured.Secondly, burning of H production in green algae, cyanobacteria and higher plants are based on photosynthesis.Human life existed in past and exists today due to the photosynthesis. EMBEDDED_PAGE = false; PBSLM.eloqua = PBSLM.eloqua


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