Solving Linear Equations Word Problems

Solving Linear Equations Word Problems-88
The interest earned on a 00 investment exceeds the interest earned on a 00 investment by 0, so The interest rates were for the 00 investment and for the 00 investment.- [Instructor] We are told that Hazel and Leo are comparing the number of keys on their keychains.We're sorry, this computer has been flagged for suspicious activity.

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Your experience with travelling tells you how to figure this out: That is, Notice that you don't have to rely on just your memory to recall this formula. She runs full speed at 8 miles per hour for the race distance; then she walks back to her starting point at 2 miles per hour. Set the distances equal and solve for x: She spends 0.4 hours running and hours walking. One account pays interest, while the other pays interest. Since a total of $1400 was invested, must have been invested at . After one interest period, the interest earned on a $7000 investment exceeds the interest earned on a $5000 investment by $160.

You can figure out Two planes, which are 2400 miles apart, fly toward each other. At the end of one interest period, the interest earned was $50. The interest rate for the $5000 investment is greater than the interest rate for the $5000 investment. Let x be the interest rate for the $7000 investment.

Just as "26" is "10 times 2, plus 6 times 1", so also the two-digit number they've given me will be ten times the "tens" digit, plus one times the "units" digit.

In other words: that make the quadratic equation true.

All of these different permutations of the above example work the same way: Take the general equation for the curve, plug in the given points, and solve the resulting system of equations for the values of the coefficients.

In this section, I'll discuss word problems which give linear equations to solve. There were 38 tee shirts sold and 24 striped shirts sold. Since she spent 2 hours all together, she must have spent hours walking.

The difficult part of solving word problems is translating the words into equations. When you're learning a foreign language, it's good to become familiar with lots of different words; with word problems, it's good to work with lots of different problems. Calvin Butterball buys a book for .70, which is a discount off the regular price. If you travel for 2 hours at an average speed of 60 miles per hour, how far did you travel? Since the planes started 2400 miles apart, when they pass each other they must have Phoebe spends 2 hours training for an upcoming race. Since she ran out, then turned around and walked back, her running and walking distances must be equal.

Set this equal to 14.7 and solve for x: Joe has 4 less than 7 times as many shirts as Mark. A total of 62 shirts are sold, and the total value of the shirts is 98. The third column gives an equation which I can solve for x: Then .

Such problems often require you to write two different linear equations in two variables.

Typically, one equation will relate the number of quantities (people or boxes) and the other equation will relate the values (price of tickets or number of items in the boxes).


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