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It should include -many of the key points to be made -An indication of the approach of the essay -sets up the debate between the different theories and interpretations It could include -a definition of terms stated in the essay title. Although the...theory is supported by a variety of evidence, certain evidence contradicts the theory A different explanation of.... A paragraph must contain the following features..... P Finally, the paragraph should end with a concluding is time you thought of the way to present the main points that form the answer to the question. Not only does experimental evidence strengthen the.... P It should be attempting to make one point P It should begin with an opening sentence, which expresses the main point; the opening sentence might well link with previous paragraphs. This may well clarify your main point and can help lead into the next paragraph. Try Not To r repeat all the point you have stated r Do not start a conclusion with ‘Thus we can see’ This is too simplistic.

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In terms of girls outperforming boys, one possible explanation for this is the change in women’s role in society at large.

Sue Sharpe conducted a study in 1994 which concluded that girls today had very different priorities from their mothers and grandmothers.

There are several sociological explanations for why this might be, and why this has changed in the last twenty to thirty years, before which boys tended to outperform girls.

According to Item A, sociologists disagree about whether differences in achievement between boys and girls is due to changes in the wider society or processes that occur in school.To totally accept or reject statements is not to deliver an evaluation. This quick and easy to do but does not always encourage you to think and organize points in a logical fashion.What you should do is to put forward your view in a critical and measured manner. It acts as a memory recall strategy, by planning an essay before you start to write it. Once you have done this, you can then organize your thought logically. A list of points can be vital in ensuring that you have remembered all the main points. Many students are too quick into diving into an answer. Essays usually refer to 25 mark essays at A1 and 16 mark essays at A2). You should also practice writing essays regularly and develop a technique which addresses the skills required so that you can actually answer the question set. Tip: Notice how every question requires knowledge and understanding? Interpretation and Application: the way you manage to interpret an idea successfully and how you apply sociological evidence to support ideas. With the title provided: ·Analyse the question by underlining the key features in the essay title ·Double underline the skills being assessed, e.g., describe and explain ·Identify any terms or concepts contained in the question. Knowledge and Understanding: includes names of researchers, studies, concepts, description of studies.There are three main skills being assessed in your tests: 1. However, you should attempt to either reject a statement with reservations, or accept a statement but with reservations. This simply involves making a list of relevant points. 1 (c): Explain something: Anything can be mentioned in this question; no evaluation is needed, and it is generally not recommended that you evaluate this question; it is a waste of time. 1 (d): Assess/Evaluate something: Anything can be mentioned in this question; refer to this section on how to do an evaluative essay. 2 and 3: Assess/Evaluate something: A longer version of the 1 (d) question. It is extremely helpful to explain what the term/theory is about at the start of every question. Every paragraph consists of the following: P-Your point E-An example or evidence that supports your point E-Your explanation / analysis L-A link back to the question or next paragraph Point[Lastly, while the two-class model in Marxist theory does accurately point out that class conflict exists in the society, conflict is not only limited between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat:] Evidence that supports point[Marxist feminists would argue that in addition to this, there is a conflict between men and women that Marx has failed to acknowledge. Use other countries as a point of comparison for the UK/USA, especially for Family Diversity, Role of Grandparents, Conjugal Roles, Cultural diversity etc. Analysis and Evaluation: identifying strengths and weaknesses, what does a theory explain, and what does it not explain, are their methodological issues? The Jury Approach Reviews all the relevant debates and cites supportive evidence for each of the debates, then provides a verdict at the end of the essay in the conclusion. Write your plan in the answer booklet, not the question paper. In the worst case scenerio and you run out of time, write a bullet point answer. Important for essays, make a judgement and answer the question, showing awareness of different perspectives. You must be aware of the skills being highlighted in the question in order to use the appropriate skills in your essays. 1a) 3 mins b) 7 mins c) 14 mins d) 18 mins 2/3 45 mins If you run out of time, use bullet points. 16 Mark question at A2 consists of 3.5 marks A01, 4.5 marks A02 and 8 marks for A03. What this means is that for writing an essay is that the content (studies, names of researcher, dates, figures, concepts, contemporary examples although important need to be organised coherently, applied to a variety of social situations and interpreted, and expressed in a critical fashion.


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