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The second step includes practicing self-compassion. Even if it is the last thing you think you deserve, try to nurture yourself. Retrieved July 3, 2017, from: Feed your soul, mind and body in ways that make you feel special. We form an “inner voice” which repeats these messages later in life, either in an accepting and reassuring form or in a heavy, blaming or punishing form.

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Childhood experiences that contribute to healthy self-esteem are: being spoken to respectfully and listened to, being given deserved affection and attention, having achievements as well as failures adequately acknowledged.Other factors that are continuously studied as various aspects of lower self-esteem are: bullying or peer pressure, physical appearance or weight, socioeconomic status and mental health issues. Personality-wise, adults who tend to be more emotionally stable, conscientious and extroverted seem to experience higher self-esteem. Self-esteem is also an attractive psychological construct since it can help predict certain outcomes, i.e.happiness, academic achievement, criminal behavior, and satisfaction in marriage or relationships.Developing stronger emotional coping skills will help you manage the negative thoughts. People with poor self-esteem often do not ask for help, because they are ashamed or feel that they do not deserve it. You will get a chance to share, hear other perspectives, be reminded of what is great about you, and set yourself on a path of getting the help you need. There are also many groups and support networks both online and offline. Experiences that reinforce negative self-esteem include: constant criticism, rejection, pestering, very high expectations, and/or being emotionally, physically or sexually abused.The creation of our self-esteem continues to form into adulthood through our successes or failures and how the messages we receive from our environment affect us (the influence of family, teachers, coaches, friends, peers, work colleagues, partner, etc.).Do not immediately believe every thought you have; your thoughts are not all facts or rules. People spend years ruminating and believing dysfunctional thoughts, thus feeling and behaving in a certain way.


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