Satire Essay Example

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Many tackle ideas that society holds to be important, such as prayer, marriage, and friendship; all are portrayed in a darkly humorous light.

A few notable examples include: is a dark satire of Soviet Communism and the Russian Revolution.

But many fans either ignored the satire or didn’t notice it at all.

Today, the games are typically played “straight” as if they were not satire at all.

Satire has been called the oldest form of social commentary.

For many people, the injustices and problems in their society are too big to confront directly – it’s hard to know where we would even start!

The concept of satire is very close to that of verbal irony, or saying the opposite of what you mean.

It’s extremely common for satirists to use verbal irony or sarcasm to make their point.

Satirists hold a mirror to the flaws of society, helping people think critically about things they might otherwise just take for granted.

The Greek playwright Aristophanes was one of the first satirists that we know of.


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