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Sample Research Proposal Budget-81
For federally funded grants, some items are excluded from IDC, e.g., equipment (over ,000), graduate research assistant tuition, and the balance of subcontracts over ,000. Because indirect cost percentages change after periodic negotiations with the federal government, PIs should consult their departmental research administrator or an ORSP project representative before calculating this part of their budget. Refer here for the current indirect cost (IDC) rates.

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The overview given here is for preliminary guidance only.

Typical divisions of the line item (tabular) budget are personnel, equipment, supplies, services, travel, and indirect costs (IDC). The budget should make clear how the totals for each category of expenses are reached.

Drafting a research budget is no walk in the park because you have to know exactly how much will be needed to see the process through, not to mention you may have to account for every penny spent.

By virtue of being such a technical document, you will always need some help drafting it; and that’s where the research budget template comes in.

A research proposal budget sample is in many ways similar to the research budget sample, only that at this stage, it is still a proposal.

This sample is often written in a linear or tabular format and it details all the expenses that are associated with the proposal project.The budget should be developed with your departmental research administrator, in consultation with the appropriate ORSP project representative as needed. Sponsors customarily specify how budgets should be presented and what costs are allowable. The budget is a line item (tabular) representation of the expenses associated with the proposal project. The Budget Justification contains more in depth detail of the costs behind the line items, and sometimes explains the use of the funds where not evident. Salary information, for example, often needs to be specified in detail: principal investigator (.5 FTE for 3 months at ,000 [9-month appointment]) = ,333. Make clear if salary totals involve two different rates (e.g., because of an anticipated increase in salary during the budget period). Salary increases in proposals that extend into a new year, e.g., Cost of Living increases 16. The category of Personnel includes not only the base salary or wage for each person on the project, but also (listed separately) the percentage added for staff benefits. The current figure used for approximately the average cost of staff benefits is 30% of the total salaries and wages. Examples include the need for consultants, or the unavailability within the University of an item of equipment proposed for purchase. Foreign travel should be specifically detailed and justified, and not combined with domestic travel.


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