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Analytic rubrics allow an instructor to grade a larger range of criteria and provide more detailed feedback to the student.

They also provide for consistent grading across different students and assignments.

Using a rubric to grade writing assignments can be beneficial for both instructors and students.

For instructors, a rubric provides an established and organized system for determining grades by assigning point values to pre-determined criteria.

The recent headline news detailing the corruptive state of the undergraduate admissions process at certain ‘selective’ American universities comes as no surprise to those of us on the front lines of the college admissions process – counselors who guide high school students and parents through the Byzantine American undergraduate admissions process every year.

Sadly, while most high school counselors are committed to maintaining high standards that foster ethical and social responsibility among those involved in the process of transitioning from high school to college, we counselors often witness student and parent behavior that ranges from questionable to outright unethical.With this in mind, here are four actionable ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ international high school counselors should keep in mind in order to decrease the chances that our students, parents, or schools will make international headlines for all the wrong reasons.Too many high school counselors have one of two extreme reactions upon learning that their students are working with outside college admissions consultants, who have become increasingly popular.This exercise serves several purposes: it allows students to provide input in the grading process; it provides you, the instructor, with help in creating the rubric; and, perhaps most important, it serves as an informal review session for what is expected in the assignment.As an alternative to having students create a rubric, they can instead be assigned with the task of adding more detail or providing feedback to an existing rubric.One common counselor reaction is to remain in denial about families’ usage of consultants and never speak about the topic with students and parents.The other common counselor reaction to consultant usage is to childishly become offended when a student or parent confirms using a consultant.Because they are not as detailed as analytic rubrics, holistic rubrics are easy to create and allow for quick grading.The disadvantage of holistic rubrics is that they do not provide detailed feedback and create a more subjective grade.Sources include both general background sources and specialized sources.Special-interest sources and popular literature are acknowledged as such if they are cited.


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