Romeo And Juliet Film Analysis Essay

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The series of actions preceding Juliet’s swallowing of the sleeping potion has also been altered in the film.

In the play, Juliet delivers a long monologue prior to taking the sleeping potion, communicating her fears, her hopes, and her love for Romeo to the audience.

Since Romeo is the one that kills Paris in an effort to get to his ‘dead’ wife Juliet, the murder of Paris casts him in bad light, and may deny him the sympathy of the viewer.

The film thus omits this act of murder so that Romeo may experience the full sympathy of the viewer of the film.

Therefore, when Romeo is distraught by his lover Juliet’s side, and believes her to be dead, he appears to unleash the poison from his pockets and drinking it with ease.

The element of surprise and a need to create suspense informs the director’s deletion of the scene of Romeo acquiring the poison. The play tells the story of two young lovers, Romeo and Juliet, whose families are feuding, and therefore despite their love, they are both caught up in the ensuing conflict.Both Romeo and Juliet end up dead at the end of the play following a series of misunderstandings occasioned by the continued fights between their families (The Literature Network Para. Romeo belongs to the Montague family while Juliet is born of the Capulet family.The deletion of the scene that shows Romeo purchasing the poison thus enhances the suspense in the film version of the play to the very end.Additionally, in the text of the play, Romeo’s friend Mercutio dies away from Romeo’s presence, but in the film he dies in the presence of Romeo.Secondly, in the film, the single sentence by Juliet comes across as very powerful and memorable; the phrase by Juliet asking for strength from love is memorable and is more poignant, and the viewer’s emotional connection with the character/actor is enhanced.A similar directorial edit occurs in the scenes of the play concerning Romeo’s acquisition of the poison that he takes and finally dies after believing Juliet to be dead.This film adaptation, unlike most of the others which were produced in later years, depicts the families, lifestyle, practices, and acts as portrayed in the play, and does not adopt a ‘modern’ version of events as many of the subsequent films want to do (Rothwell 326).The director makes every effort to depict an era similar to that intended by Shakespeare.In the text of the play, Romeo purchases the deadly poison from an apothecary, and proceeds to insert it in his pockets.In the film, the scene where Romeo acquires the poison is entirely missing.


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