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But when it came time to tend his own farm and keep up his own property, he was of little use.

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She treated his dog, Wolf, the same way, and Wolf began to resemble Rip in submissiveness.

Rip often sought refuge with a village group that convened on a bench in front of an inn to gossip, tell stories, and on one occasion discuss events reported in a newspaper left behind by a traveler.

The townspeople see Rip Van Winkle as a whole-hearted fellow who loves helping everyone with their needs while in contrast Dame Van Winkle sees Rip as a man who is lazy and never does the work he is supposed to do.

Throughout the story, Dame constantly nags on Rip and he is seen as just shrugging his shoulders and walking away.

With this, fiction and non-fiction come together helping to construct a myth.

When composing all these characteristics, it creates an American mythology.

He places the setting sixty years before his time immediately making it in the past.

Also, the story has time that passes by causing the reader to infer something dramatically has changed within that time.

In a selection, an author uses certain characteristics to depict the outcome of a story.

In Washington Irving’s “Rip Van Winkle,” Irving incorporates exaggerated characters, magical events and their consequences, and places the setting in past times to create an American mythology.


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