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Mohammed graduated from Damascus University with a BSc in Applied Chemistry.After two years of practical experience as a chemist in pharmaceutical labs he obtained an MSc in Drug Chemistry with distinction from Newcastle University. Afterwards she joined the CNRS as Chargée de Recherche at the Ecole Polytechnique.

From there he crossed the Atlantic Ocean again as an Assistant, and then Associate Professor, at the University of Prince Edward Island.

A growing research team prompted a move to the University of Edinburgh as a Chancellor's Fellow and Reader, where he now leads a diverse research group developing new catalysts and functional polymers using ring-opening and controlled radical polymerisations.

Her research interests include synthetic organic methodologies, and the use of metathesis reactions for the synthesis of bioactive natural products and more recently post-polymerisation functionalisation.

After undergraduate education at Mount Allison University and a Ph D at the University of British Columbia, he was awarded an NSERC Post-doctoral Fellowship to study at Imperial College London.

Olefin metathesis catalysts; 1 Grubbs first generation catalyst, 2 Grubbs second generation catalyst, 3 Hoveyda–Grubbs second generation catalyst, 4 a derivative of Hoveyda–Grubbs catalyst (Zhan-1B) and 5 Schrock's catalyst.

Particularly in CM, where the metathesis reaction is between two chemically distinct alkenes, selectivity can be a challenge.

ROM, as the name implies, opens rings to afford new, derivatised small molecules featuring two olefin fragments.

When no cross-partner is present, homopolymerisation is favoured, as in ROMP (from the ring form) or ADMET (from a diolefin monomer); these fields have been extensively reviewed much less work has been reported in the application of these reactions to polymer chemistry.

Fern was awarded a first class Master of Chemistry from the University of Edinburgh in 2013, including one year industrial experience working with Cytec Industries, USA.

Her research is focussed on using olefin cross metathesis for the modification of biodegradable polymers through both novel monomer synthesis and copolymerisation techniques.


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