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These workshops represented the different production systems found in these two regions and were supported by the Asia and America regional sub-Groups of the Paddy Rice Research Group respectively.

These workshops represented the different production systems found in these two regions and were supported by the Asia and America regional sub-Groups of the Paddy Rice Research Group respectively.

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This special section, ‘Frontline research in mitigating greenhouse gas emissions from paddy fields’, has been proposed to address the current research needs.

Research papers on the issue were collected through the framework of the Paddy Rice Research Group of the Global Research Alliance on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases (GRA).

In October and November 2018, the Paddy Rice Research Group (PRRG) of the Global Research Alliance (GRA) took part in the APEC-funded project: ‘ Capacity Building on Management Technologies for Climate Smart Rice Cultivation in the South-East Asian and Latin American Rice Sector’.

Paddy rice production is a significant source of methane emissions (CH), and it is therefore essential that countries find ways to reduce emissions from rice cultivation while improving productivity.

In addition, because of the possibility of controlling these emissions by agronomic practices, such as management of water, fertilizer, and organic matter, paddy fields appear to be one of the most promising sources for mitigating CH production in flooded soils were systematically elucidated almost 50 years ago, mainly by laboratory experiments.

Field measurements of the emissions from paddy fields have been conducted at various locations of the world since the early 1980s.He has been working on rice genetics and breeding since 1983, focusing on rice genetic materials creation, molecular mechanism dissection of important agronomy traits and molecular application.He has been awarded two national prizes for Natural Science and Scientific and Technological Progress in 20 respectively, received 25 patents authorized in China, and published more than 100 scientific papers.This meeting will take place following the workshop “Rice Landscapes and Climate Change: Options for mitigation in rice-based agroecosystems and the scaling up of climate smart rice cultivation technologies in Asia”.This workshop is an activity of the Paddy Rice Research Group (PRRG) which aims to identify viable options for mitigation and adaptation in rice landscapes and develop scale-up strategies in support of national (NDC) targets.The Special Section ‘Frontline research in mitigating greenhouse gas emissions from paddy fields’, which contains 10 original papers, has been published online by the Soil Science and Plant Nutrition (SSPN), in association with the GRA’s Paddy Rice Group, Partners and Affiliates.View online here Preface: Paddy fields are recognized to be a major anthropogenic source of atmospheric methane (CH emitted globally from paddy fields, mitigation of emissions from this source is very important in order to stabilize its atmospheric concentration.Compilation of these data provided the emission and scaling factors for CHO emissions or rice production have also been studied.As a result, an array of options that mitigate greenhouse gas emissions from paddy fields has now been proposed and demonstrated by field experiments.View the associated papers online here The Paddy Rice Research Group’s Sub-America’s division met on 13-15 July this year in Stuttgart, Arkansas, USA.The meeting was attended by 10 GRA Member countries: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Indonesia, Japan, New Zealand, Uruguay and USA, and a meeting report will soon be available.


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