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I get up around am and hit the snooze button on my phone alarm exactly 3 times before getting up. Most people know what these jobs consist of, but if you ask anyone what a respiratory therapist is, most have no idea. One difference though, my job is one of those jobs that involve possible life and death situations that I must face if not once but possibly several times throughout the day. Other well-known jobs with the same possible scenarios that are often romanticized in books, tv shows, and movies are comprised of peace officers, firefighters, military personnel, doctors, nurses, paramedics, and emergency medical transport teams, also known as EMT’s.

Plus benefits that were real benefits back then, not like now.

I had my eyes on the space lab program located in Huntington Beach California.

I wanted to be a part of the development and manufacturing team on the guidance and navigation control systems on the space lab module. My wife and I were raising a young family and considering buying our first house in Corona Ca, everything was coming together, but then reality kicked in.

The cold war was over, the wall was down in Berlin and the USSR was no more. After being laid off from Mc Donnell Douglas for the second time, I took a job with a subcontractor out of St Louis Missouri to work on F-18’s for the Spanish Air Force.

Basically something that is controversial, can be argued, and of course backed up by evidence.

Since I'm a new student I'm not very familiar with this field and would appreciate some research paper suggestions.The lecturer was debating about whether or not we should know what we're smoking.It's a topic that's probably only loosely related to what you're looking for but it was really interesting.I took electronic classes, computer programming and other advanced science classes in high school.My mother worked at Hahnemann University Hospital in Philadelphia in the clinical research department.I did my 10 page paper on implementing the hypothermia protocol for ARDS.Not only did I get a good grade on it but it has really helped me understand ARDS for years since.This can be very frustrating always having to explain what a respiratory therapist is and what we do on a daily basis. First, a little history about myself, when I was a junior at Upper Darby High School in Pennsylvania I was preparing myself to graduate high school and go on to University.Playing Soccer, studying biology and anything technical was my thing. We're being asked to write a 5 page paper on "anything related to respiratory therapy".Some suggestions we were given were effects of vaping on the lungs, does marijuana cause copd, to name a couple.


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