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Research Paper About Social Networking-81
Academics and practitioners have explored and examined the many sides of social media over the past years.Organizations engage in social media mostly with the aim of obtaining feedback from stakeholders (Phang et al. Consumer reviews are another big part of social media, bringing issues of information quality, credibility, and authenticity to the forefront.These applications are driven by user-generated content, and are highly influential in a myriad of settings, from purchasing/selling behaviours, entrepreneurship, political issues, to venture capitalism (Greenwood and Gopal ).

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Social media sites are already so deeply embedded in our daily lives that people rely on them for every need, ranging from daily news and updates on critical events to entertainment, connecting with family and friends, reviews and recommendations on products/services and places, fulfilment of emotional needs, workplace management, and keeping up with the latest in hashion, to name but a few.

When we refer to social media, applications such as Facebook, Whats App, Twitter, You Tube, Linked In, Pinterest, and Instagram often come to mind.

The ensuing section discusses our findings, followed by key conclusions and limitations of the study.

The literature search for this analysis was conducted in the following two phases: (1) keyword-based search and analysis to explore the overall evolution of social media literature; and (2) manual search across specific IS journals to understand the emerging IS perspectives on this topic.) to perform a co-citation analysis of first authors in the downloaded corpus.

Given the relevance of social media to various stakeholders, it has received significant attention from researchers of various fields, including information systems.

There exists no comprehensive review that integrates and synthesises the findings of literature on social media.

This is evidenced by the large number of scholarly articles that have appeared in various outlets.

Researchers have to expend an enormous amount of time and effort in collating, analysing, and synthesising findings from existing works before they embark on a new research project.

Furthermore, many studies have investigated the viability of online communities/social media as a marketing medium, while others have explored various aspects of social media, including the risks associated with its use, the value that it creates, and the negative stigma attached to it within workplaces.

The use of social media for information sharing during critical events as well as for seeking and/or rendering help has also been investigated in prior research.


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