Psychology Extended Essay Questions

Psychology Extended Essay Questions-75
The Extended Essay is an opportunity for you to conduct independent research into a topic you are personally interested in.

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As you can read on the following page (2.1.4 Phrasing your question), the wording of your question will help define your scope.

The IB requires that all research questions are phrased as actual questions.

It is recommended that you discuss these ‘categories’ with your supervisor.

Your research question will be acceptable if it: It is recommended that you spend 40 hours on your extended essay. These are some of the ‘bottle necks’ that determine the nature and scope of your essay.

These are places where your interests and other people’s interests converge. There are several criteria for assessing the quality of a good topic.

As you think about what you want to explore, ask yourself if the topic of your essay: Before you can write a research question, you must also think about your IBDP subjects.Explore this topic to develop a reasoned argument that proves your ideas.This resource guide contains information designed to support you through your Extended Essay.If the scope is too broad, then 4,000 words is not enough.The trick is to phrase a question that is focused, relevant and pertinent. So how does one write a question that is sufficiently focused?On the previous page, it was suggested that the 'scope' of a research question can determine its success. Scope, in this context, refers to the range of topics, theory and knowledge that must be explored in order to offer a relevant, pertinent and focused response to your question.If the scope of your question is too narrow, you will have difficulty writing 4,000 words.Figure 2.1.1a depicts how one might formulate a question in light of a topic and subject.Figure 2.1.1a - Topic, subject and question Before you can write a strong research question, you will want to think about what interests you and what interests others. Simply open a newspaper, watch a documentary or listen to the radio.Notice some of differences between the narrow, broad and focused questions above: "Opera as a popular medium" (too broad) becomes "classical opera of the seventeenth century" (narrower).When refining your research question you can play with different variables in your question to find the perfect scope.


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