Pros And Cons Of Genetic Engineering Essay

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Other people worry that humans may begin tampering too much with their own genetic material and create societal problems.

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In 1951, a scientist used unique cells stolen from a woman named Henrietta Lacks to create an important cell line (the He La cell line) which is still used in medical research today.

Her family did not know about her involuntary donation until after her death, and never received compensation, but others have profited from the use of He La cells.

Such a system might lead to people having their genetic information stolen and used without permission.

It may sound odd, but such cases have already happened.

DNA vaccines would directly introduce the antigen itself and lead to more immediate and permanent immunity.

Such vaccines could potentially protect people against diseases such as diabetes and even cancer.

Most of the downsides of recombinant DNA technology are ethical in nature.

Some people feel that recombinant DNA technology goes against the laws of nature, or against their religious beliefs, due to how much control this technology gives humans over the most basic buildings blocks of life. Some people worry that if companies can pay scientists to patent, buy and sell genetic material, then genetic material could become an expensive commodity.

Animal insulin is not a suitable replacement, since it causes severe allergic reactions in most people.

Thus, scientists used recombinant DNA technology to isolate the gene for human insulin and insert it into plasmids (cellular structures that can replicate independently of chromosomes).


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