Problem Solving Using Proportions

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The two lessons on equivalent rates allow students to solve a variety of word problems involving ratios and rates.

We also connect the concept of rates (specifically, tables of equivalent rates) with ordered pairs, use equations (such as y = 3x) to describe these tables, and plot the ordered pairs in the coordinate plane.

These lessons tie ratios in with the student's previous knowledge of bar models as a tool for problem solving.

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Some students may choose one method over another; some may be able to master all of the methods.

Most will probably choose one method they prefer for doing these conversions.

After this, we turn our attention to proportions (which is an equation of two ratios).

The lessons show how to solve proportions using cross-multiplying and how to set up proportions the correct way.

The second fraction has '390 words' in the numerator and the variable 'x' to represent the time which we have to find.

This can be written as (30 words)/(1 minute)=(390 words)/(x minutes).


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