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To find the average, you must: Computer scientists like to use the fancy word "Encapsulation" to show how smart we are.This is just a term for things we do as humans every day.

To find the average, you must: Computer scientists like to use the fancy word "Encapsulation" to show how smart we are.This is just a term for things we do as humans every day.

An algorithm (see Algorithm) is a set of specific steps to solve a problem.

Think of it this way: if you were to tell your 3 year old neice to play your favorite song on the piano (assuming the neice has never played a piano), you would have to tell her where the piano was, and how to sit on the bench, and how to open the cover, and which keys to press, and which order to press them in, etc, etc, etc.

right trim (remove whitespaces from the extreme right) 3.

remove whitespaces in between the string This approach is most widely used in the recursive algorithm .

In case you need to create your own algorithm , you can use these five problem solving techniques.

Before thinking about the logic of algorithm, We should understand the question clearly. Finding the minimum element in an array is unlikely to be useful here. So, it must proceed in an increasing order, then reset and increase again. Comparing the first and middle element (3 and 6), we know that the range is still increasing.For example : Question : A sorted array has been rotated so that the elements might appear in the order 3 4 5 6 7 1 2 . For example , Question is to trim the whitespaces in the password string or squeeze the string Solve like this 1.left trim (remove whitespaces from the extreme left) 2.The core of what good programmers do is being able to define the steps necessary to accomplish a goal.Unfortunately, a computer, only knows a very restricted and limited set of possible steps. But if you want to find the average of two numbers, this is beyond the basic capabilities of a computer.Including, getting up, walking down the hall, getting in your car, driving to a coffee stand, paying for the coffee, etc, etc, etc. In a computer program, as simple an idea as drawing a square on the screen involves hundreds (if not thousands) of (low level) computer instructions.Further, the idea of what a cup of coffee is, is abstract. Again, a person couldn't possible create interesting programs if every time they wanted to do something, they had to re-write (correctly) every one of those instructions.Then, try to solve it for elements one, two and three, assuming that we have the answer to elements one and two.For Example , Question is to find all possible permuations of a string , assuming all the characters in the string is unique. This is tiresome method and based on hit and trial method .For example , Question is to find first non repeated character in the string Then, before writing algorithm follow this steps Example 1 : Input : Alive Is Awesome Output : l (small L) Example 2 : Input : Love Yourself Output : v This is one of the mostly used problem solving techniques for algorithms. For example changing the data type from double to int , make the problem smaller.Read Also : How to become a Good Programmer : What it takes to stand out from rest We have to consider what problems the algorithm is similar to , we need to figure out if we can modify the solution to develop an algorithm for the given problem . Write algorithm for int data type and then generalize for double .


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