Poetry Analysis Essay Prompts

You can succeed on these questions by careful reading of the text.

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The meaning of figurative language phrases can normally be determined by the phrase’s context in the passage—what is said around it? Example 1: Identifying Example 2: Interpreting These questions involve identifying why an author does what they do: from using a particular phrase to repeating certain words.

Basically, what techniques is the author using to construct the passage/poem and to what effect?

Without further ado, here are the eight question types you can expect to see on the AP lit exam.

All questions are taken from the sample questions on the “AP Course and Exam Description.” These are questions that test your ability to understand what the passage is saying on a pretty basic level.

Example: Some questions will ask you to identify or describe something about the passage/poem as a whole: its purpose, tone, genre, etc.

You can identify these by phrases like “in the passage,” and “as a whole.” To answer these questions, you need to think about the excerpt with a bird’s-eye view.

Often these questions will specify a part of the passage/poem and ask you to identify what that part is accomplishing.

Being able to identify and understand the significance of any shifts—structural, tonal, in genre, etc—will be of key importance for these questions.

In this guide I’ll go over the test's format and question types, how it's graded, best practices for preparation, and test day tips.

You’ll be on your way to AP English Lit success in no time!


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