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First of all Pocahontas didn’t even wear clothes as a kid and never was in love with John Smith.

And Percy was actually a colonist who followed John Smith and wrote books about the experiences.

Powhatan then adopted Smith as his son, Nantaquoud.

To the English Pocahontas was the key to their survival therefore they called her the “Indian Princess” In the Disney movies it is known that Pocahontas and John smith fall in love. They never fell in love they were always just friends.

Depending on how well they served expansionist goals, these visiting Indians were celebrated and remembered very differently.

In this article, I compare the contrasting legacies of two Native American princesses who sojourned in Europe at that time: the Powhatan princess Pocahontas, who stayed in London in 1616, and the Missouri princess, Ignou Ouaconisen, who visited Paris in 1725.POCAHONTAS Many people know Pocahontas from the Disney movies.They think of her as an Indian girl who wears a mini dress and fell in love with John Smith and thought John Smith had a dog named Percy.In this article, I contend that the comparison between a 20th-century American fairytale on film and an 18th-century French chronicle – through different means of relating historical facts – uncovers enduring stereotypical representations of Native American women and imperialistic (colonial and postcolonial) issues at stake.John Smith’s Generall Historie of Virginia, New-England, and the Summer Isles (1624) canonized a settler colonial narrative activity that I call kinshipwrecking—a conventional mode of storytelling that destroys and moves to supplant...This overlooked phenomenon is all the more surprising since “these Americans...more The eastward crossing of the Atlantic by Native Americans during the early modern period remains an understudied topic in the history of European imperialism.La Malinche aided conquistador Hernan Cortés during his conquest of Tenochtitlan in the sixteenth century in a way similar to Pocahontas who ‘rescued’ Capt. Both women are among the earliest Indigenous figures to become mythologized in their respective nations’ history, yet the legacy they left behind is different; La Malinche’s legacy is more contentious than Pocahontas’s.This paper explores the similarities their stories share and the role they play as mediators, mothers, and symbolic figures.more Popular Culture plays a “significant role in shaping our perceptions of others.” This brings forth the idea of audience consumption because the way the media influences the perception of races could be interpreted by the audience as true no matter how problematic the representation is.Disney is an example of a medium which reiterates problematic representations, which, going back to audience consumption, is very harmful because children are the main audiences The eastward crossing of the Atlantic by Native Americans during the early modern period remains an understudied topic in the history of European imperialism.


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