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Skip misses a basket during basketball practice and everyone treats the ball as if it were radioactive; no one had ever missed a basket before, nor had they ever lost a game.

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Some suburbanites came directly from the rural towns and tried to reproduce their own histories in that way.

Others came from the cities, fleeing modern life, with all its temptations, temptations they themselves had already sampled, but, well, best to protect the kids from them. As indeed we did, as we were bored beyond imagining, hoping to get the hell out of there so our lives could “begin.” Jean Shepherd used to start up his college gigs by asking his audience, “How many of you out there believe that your life hasn’t started yet?

It’s simpler only if you had no responsibilities to bear.

Moreover, the suburbs themselves reflected a sort of nostalgic longing for something that never existed: the idealized remembrance of small town, rural America.

“Those were simpler times,” is how it is often put, but they were simpler only to children, because children are simpler beings.

In truth, the 50s were no more simple to those who had to struggle for their lives and livelihoods than any other era.

What distinguishes Pleasantville, however, is the device used to show the transformation: the slow-ripple change from black-and-white film to color.

It's one of the most ingenious visual devices ever conceived for a mainstream movie, and certainly makes for one of the most inviting preview trailers in a long while.

” He mocked the raised hands as being naïve, or worse.

Life is life; if you haven’t figured out that it’s already begun, then you’re doomed to be waiting for a long, long time.


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