Persuasive Essay On Birth Control In Schools

If you feel you may have issues when you pass this written paper, it is mandatory to contact a team of writing experts.You can also consult your teacher on the topic of your persuasive essay.During his time at the Boston Lying-In Hospital, Rock encountered a number of women bearing unwanted children that they could neither afford financially nor handle physically.

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In 1958, after Enovid passed its first round of Food and Drug Administration approval, Pope Pius XII announced that women could use the pill if it was prescribed by a physician to treat reproductive disorders, but that its use as a contraceptive was morally unacceptable.

That same year, Rock proclaimed at a medical meeting that the contraceptive pill should be just as acceptable for Catholics as a form of birth control as the rhythm method because it contained the same hormones found naturally in a woman’s body.

He spent over thirty years of his career as a clinical professor of obstetrics at Harvard Medical School, and in 1964 the Center for Population Studies of the Harvard School of Public Health established the John Rock Professorship.

As a member of the Catholic Church, his faith played an intriguing role in his involvement with the development of the birth control pill, which challenged previous Catholic thought on contraception.

In 1954 Rock began a round of tests with these new compounds, called progestins, with the declared intention of improving their fertility rather than suppressing it.

At the same time, however, the researchers sought to verify whether this compound did indeed halt ovulation.

You are to arrange your argument in order to pull girls and boys to your particular attitude and persuade to take an action after reading.

Don’t attack the opposing public like in case with argumentative essays. When you expect your persuasive essay to be well-taken and you have to get the highest grades, all the above-mentioned requirements are to be followed.

In 1922 Rock became an assistant in obstetrics at Harvard Medical School, and in 1923 he established the infertility clinic at the Massachusetts General Hospital.

The following year, Rock started his own fertility clinic—the Fertility and Endocrine Clinic—at the Free Hospital for Women.


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