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That means providing more than awesome travel nursing jobs in fun locations.

You will touch base with him or her periodically, and you may choose to renew your contract if you wish to remain in one place, or you can move on to the next one.

The high number of agencies combined with the amount of underserved areas results in a good employment outlook for travel nurses.

Here are the top ten travel nursing agencies of 2012 according to Travel Nursing Central: Once you apply at the agency or agencies that fits into your career vision, you will meet with an agent or recruiter who will manage your assignments.

You will need to establish a relationship with your agent so that he or she will be aware of your preferences, your specialization, and can make sure any travel needs you may have (such as arrangements for a pet, child, or partner) can be met.

You bring happiness to so many people, so let us help do the same for you in a location you love and a city that feels like home.

Then, we find the best locations across the globe where you can make that happen.When you have the requisite education and experience, it’s time to begin the job hunt.Read up on different agencies to find the one that suits your needs and desires.Full-time travel nurses make an average yearly salary of ,000.Your loyalty to a given agency is also likely to pay off in the form of benefits, free or discounted continuing education courses, and more.You will be filling a need in often underserved areas, and you will have the opportunity to explore different parts of the country. Read on to find out if a career in travel nursing is for you.As a travel nurse, you can expect to perform the general rundown of RN duties, which will vary somewhat from one assignment to the next.Typically, you will be doing things like recording patient history, performing routine check-ups, measuring vital signs, assessing symptoms, making diagnoses, discussing treatment, and administering medicine to the patient.When you work with a travel nurse agency your assignments will run between one and three months.The downside of travel nursing is the lack of job security.Working on short-term contracts isn’t always reliable, and when a facility has to lay workers off or make cuts, the contract and part-time workers usually bear the brunt.


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