My Ideal Job Essay

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Not all jobs in society can be considered as ideal, because they have characteristics that do not meet emotional needs.

The ideal job is one that understands the importance of social belonging, job security, self-esteem development, and fair pay.

They should be places in which real debate can be stimulated.

In 1975, the then Department for Education and Skills intended for teachers to “increase the complexity of the child’s thinking” (Bullock, 1975).

This is the very thing that Jay Walljasper described when he said that “ we are not leading our lives but merely following a dizzying timetable of duties, commitments, demands and options.” The idea is that by doing what one does best, a working person’s life could be more successful and meaningful not just in the area of wealth acquisition but also there is the achievement and satisfaction on other aspects such as in the personal and professional areas.

For me, an ideal job is an occupation that I could perform and look forward to doing each day.In regard to gay marriages, Obama platform would mean that people with different sexual orientations would find jobs without discrimination on the basis of their status.Such a platform forms the basis of an ideal regime which safeguards the rights of all citizens (Frezza 232). A corrupt government fails to protect the rights of citizens.I know that this will inevitably lead me to the media or the arts.Alternatively, I might consider working in the high technology sector for the sheer dynamism of this particular industry at present.For instance, Beker stated that the creative class brings about new ideas, achieving results in high technology and the creative field, covering jobs being performed not just by writers, designers, musicians, composers and the like but also mathematicians, engineers, physicians, social scientists, teachers and managers.This demonstrates a wide range of prospects and opportunities especially now that we are within the so-called information age.If one likes what he does, he will excel in it and, hence, would be successful in the process.A great deal of motivation comes from enjoying what one does and that many people are not getting ahead because they do not like what they are doing.This is the role I envisage they play in my ideal school, that they provide the tools for analysis and deeper thinking.I will return to this point later when discussing the role of technology, that the vastness of resources in an ideal classroom......What is the Ideal Job?


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