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A simple example of using a writing plan is to refer to previously aligned ideas of the author without losing sight of the main thought of research.While writing the research paper the author concentrates on his own ideas, but an outline gives a chance to think about the reader.Having a writing plan in a small paper is not vital, because its main goal is simply to structure the text, and the Modern Language Association (MLA) writing standard doesn`t demand it in research papers.

The researchers that predominantly use it are in the field of humanities (literature, history, philosophy, and English studies).

This fact makes this format one of the most widely used writing standards.

But there are few internationally accepted formatting styles.

One of the most recognizable is the MLA writing standard.

Here the most used technique is the MLA writing standard.

It provides a coherent set of rules that guides you to compose the plan.

It is important that students take academic paper writing seriously, not to mention that with the right formatting style, you can never go wrong.

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It is told that the mode of writing an outline for a research paper is a necessary thing to understand.

However, the point is in comprehending the reason of why one should draw it up at all.


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