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Our planner was designed so that it can easily be used with any focus.Combining our planning and the Critical Thinking Wheel will help you create a unit of study that requires higher order thinking.You can download a copy of our planner here: Critical Thinking Educator Wheel Planner.

It has recently been seized upon by educators as a tool to explore our knowledge of student achievement, and ways that such achievement might be improved. By Maria Popova “To maintain the state of doubt and to carry on systematic and protracted inquiry — these are the essentials of thinking.” Decades before Carl Sagan published his now-legendary Baloney Detection Kit for critical thinking, the great philosopher, psychologist, and education reformer John Dewey penned the definitive treatise on the subject — a subject all the more urgently relevant today, in our age of snap judgments and instant opinions.

Based on the work of Stanford University psychologist, Carol Dweck, the idea of mindset is related to our understanding of where ability comes from. In direct relation to our quest to bring Information literacy in the 21st century to our teachers and students, the “HOW will we find the information” sticks out right away for me. 38 Question Starters based on Bloom’s Taxonomy - Curriculet. Developing-21(JPEG Image, 500 × 773 pixels) How We Think: John Dewey on the Art of Reflection and Fruitful Curiosity in an Age of Instant Opinions and Information Overload.

Recently we were introduced to the educational resource company Mentoring Minds.

However, our favorite resource is their Critical Thinking Wheel. If you are a principal reading this review, we highly suggest you click over and purchase one for each of your teachers. So often we get stuck asking the same types of questions, this wheel will make it easier for you to move away from those go-to questions.

The table below is organized to help formulate questions provoking gradually higher levels of thinking.

The company has math and reading materials available for addressing Common Core State Standards. We think this little wheel will become one of your favorite lesson planning tools! this wheel will help teachers in their lesson planning because it will make it easier for them to develop critical thinking questions for their lessons.

Assessment (pre-assessment, self-assessment, formative and summative assessment), prompting and cueing during discussion, etc.

In that light, the following 25 question stems framed around the early, non-revised Bloom’s Taxonomy are worth a gander.

Upon closer examination of these instruction books, I noticed that many of them were for computers and software that I no longer use or even own.

More importantly, most were still in shrink-wrap, never opened. 25 Question Stems Framed Around Bloom's Taxonomy.


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