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There was almost no physics used in the entirely of the 59 reports I marked – which is very disappointing.Students do not seem to use physics to inform their methodology, analysis or evaluation and conclusions.The student has obviously put in some effort here, but this was an inappropriate piece of research that was never going to work.

In such a situation, it will of course, compromise the marks they achieve.

These EEs are a good example of why the role of the supervisor at the beginning of the EE is crucial.

As such, if a student does decide to take on the challenge of a theoretical EE, they will need support and guidance from the Supervisor if the final work is to score well against the marking scheme.

In fairness to the IB, they do give extremely good advice on this matter.

The analysis of the results, the interpretation of the data in light of experimental problems that may arise, etc, cannot be discussed easily with the Supervisor and as such, the necessary guidance cannot be provided.

The report is often written with no guidance at all, or with the guidance of a university academic – in both cases, it usually produces a poor report.

This type of EE is a great shame because an experimental EE fits wonderfully into the marking scheme.

It should be remembered that the Extended Essay is stated by the IB as …

These are often a disaster for the work and this situation is not really an acceptable method for the EE.

It is worth remembering that the IB EE Guide clearly states that it is the responsibility of the school that it When the work is carried out away from the school, this situation mean that the supervisor cannot guarantee that the work was carried out by the student and indeed, carried out safely.


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