Locavore Synthesis Essay

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This is a beautiful cleansing and process of empowerment for your mental body.Guided Meditation – DNA Love Activation and Second Phase of Venus Love Anchoring by the Venus Beings Receive Healing and Enhance Your Love Vibration A powerful meditation to support you in experience and downloading the second phase of Venus Energy anchoring into the Earth Now.

This guided meditation allows you to participate in a ceremony which truly anchors the Christ Consciousness; the highest vibration of love into your being.

This meditation should only be experienced by those who feel inspired or guided by their souls to unite with the Christ This is a special Initiation, Integration and Ceremony channelled from Lord consciousness, as it is a powerful meditation and a symbol to the Universe of your acceptance of the heart of the Creator.

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Their purpose is to promote the grounding of higher perspectives, truths, insights and enlightenment from your soul into your subconscious and conscious mind.

They wish to release all thoughts and habits of fear and limitations to connect your mind and mental body to the expansion and fulfilment that is constantly present within the Universe of the Creator.

Lady Amora offers you the opportunity to realise that you are an aspect of the Creator, allowing you to gain additional guidance from the Creator’s soul and consciousness.

This wave of love is the new energy boost for 2009, enabling the embodiment of love.

This is a wonderful meditation that can be achieved daily to support you in being of service, connecting with the ascension energies downloading into the Earth, while raising your energy vibration and enhancing your relationship with the Creator.

Love Initiation with Mother Mary and Master Jesus This Meditation allows you to work with Mother Mary and Master Jesus assisting yourself in becoming a Love Initiate, truly integrating the love of the Creator and existing as love in your entire reality.


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