Literature Review On Stress Management

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The results from that paper suggest that while major choice plays a small role in total stress levels, an environment that controlled for alcohol and drug use would find certain differences in stress between majors based on differences in academic rigor.

The theme of academic stress, coupled with social pressures, was also explored in a paper by Daphne E. She researched how stress from outside situations spillover into college students lives, and what school factors place them more at risk for that spillover.

While this could be contributed to the influence of drugs and alcohol that the paper also focused on, the end result was still higher stress levels in students.

Academically, a study performed on Indian students also found worse “goal orientation” among undergraduates as stress levels went up (Ahmad, 2013).

Next semester this literature review, along with other documents this semester, will provide the basis of a project to try and help my campus better handle stress.

For new college students the transition to campus life brings freedom, opportunity, and the loss of a longtime safety net.

Any solution to widespread stress must actively involve students over a long period of time, and focus on teaching sustainable tools that can be used car into the future.

While many of the papers on this topic are not focused solely on a population of undergraduate students, there are certain lessons that can be extrapolated to a more general group.

The Rowan University study focused on the link between student stress and heart attacks (Foster, 2003).

While the data itself did not find a link between engineering majors and heart attack, overall student stress was found to have a major impact on heart related health issues.


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