Italian Essay Writing Phrases

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You are not expected to be fluent at this stage of your Italian language lessons.

However, you should demonstrate yourself as advanced intermediate.

A criterion of this exam is how well you manage conversational Italian and your ability to engage in discussion.

To that end, the examination offers you the advantage of selecting the topic you will expound on.

The opportunity to learn Italian is often overlooked in favour of studying the top three foreign languages emphasised in our school system: French, German and Spanish.

That is not to say that Italian is not offered by our national curriculum, just that students are less likely to select Italian as their second language. A study conducted by the In the UK, only around five thousand students prove their Italian language skills each year, compared to the one hundred and fifty thousand who sit for French exams.

Here is where a private tutor of Italian could be most beneficial to you.

Find out how much an Italian tutor will cost or find free Italian learning resources.

There is plenty else I am passionate about, but those three should do it, for now.

I never needed anyone to do my homework for me until I got a part-time job in college.


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