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In addition, alliteration is revealed by the repetitive ‘s’ sound in the words ‘press’, ‘against’ and ‘its’ because they carry a buzzing sound when they are pronounced. The title, “Introduction to Poetry,” is a representation of a lesson that Billy Collins presented in the poem, attempting to teach his readers how to, not only read poetry, but enjoy it as well. He wants his readers to begin to explore, dissect, and have an adventure with poetry because a poem is meant to be read with enjoyment and to engross his readers into many poetic journeys poetry continues to divulge. "Introduction to Poetry." Literature for Composition.

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In this poem, Billy Collins, renowned writer and professor, describes the act of teaching poetry.

He lists all the many ways he would like his students to look at poetry, and in the end expresses his frustration with their limited and narrow desire to find meaning in poetry. .” we can assume that he is referring to a group of students or perhaps his readers in general.

They both will try to find their solution; the only difference is that the reader will find its “out” by interpreting and analyzing the poem.

Both mice and readers must undergo a trial and error process to truly find an understanding behind a piece of poetry.

This reflects a reader’s relationship with poetry, as the reader is thrown into a maze of words.

Like a maze the reader searches their way through poetry to find a meaning.

Author Billy Collins, in the poem “Introduction to Poetry” renowned professor and writer, has defined ways to explore poetry in an enjoyable and unique way.

Is it necessary to "explore" a poem to understand it?

“Introduction to Poetry” is a guide to readers in how to take more time enjoying poetry and learning to understand the experiences poems portray.

Billy Collins makes an observation that readers should not just read poems, but see them from a different angle and hear their meanings.


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