Introduction Of Divorce Essay

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Women have started attaining equality with their men by educating themselves and putting effort in social activities.The probabilities of both the genders have equal chances and opportunities to earn a healthy living if they are qualified.

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Men were considered as bread winners and therefore, their women were bound to rely on them financially.

Now there’s a significant change in a woman’s role due to which a drastic increase in divorce rate is seen.

The feeling of being passionately involved in one another flies the instance a difficult situation strikes in their life.

Small skirmishes or quarrels leads to the weakening of bonds between two people.

At this point in time, conflicts become very frequent.

When endurance reaches climax, it becomes hard to secure matrimony. These are a that don’t, at any cost, allow the two ends to meet or even if they do, separation is inevitable.The rapid development in technology makes certain jobs done productively and effectively by machines rather than labor work.These modernized strategies have increased the rate of unemployed people who aren’t very highly qualified.Similarly, this particularly critical issue of divorce has positive as well as negative effects.Looking at the brighter side of the story, Escaping from an unachievable happy living is a wise choice.In order to avoid suppressing their own blemishes or avoiding any hindrance in their lives, spouses choose to get divorced.They egotistically run away from the situation which most often, run out of their hands.Furthermore, marriage is known as an institution which brings a man and woman closer in a bond which is specially constructed on legal and social dependence.The purpose of marriage is to form and maintain a family.[ Related: Cause and Effect essay on teen pregnancy ] If we keep a recount of past and present, it can easily be concluded that the world itself originated the concept of marriage (keeping religion aside).The criteria of living in a lifetime commitment is what we call marriage which couples complicate and end up in jilting each other down as they cannot maintain a single relationship.


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