How To Write A Analysis Essay

After reviewing a text, or watching a movie or keenly analyzing a piece of art and taking notes, the next step is to identify the main problems or patterns that emerge from the notes.

While noting the important aspects, certain issues or points are bound to emerge and stand out.

The primary source is the book, film, or painting a student has been asked to write a critical essay about.

Here, students are always advised to be careful and note everything within the source for purposes of making their essay better.

If asked to write a particular book, film, or painting, students should read the book more than once, watch the film more than once, or look at the painting from different perspectives to understand the underlying themes.

Note taking is also vital to identifying the different patterns and problems within a text, film, or painting.

In some instances, students make the mistake of depending on their primary source to write their critical essay.

Unless otherwise specified by the instructor, it is always advisable to find other sources to help expand and increase the essay’s depth in content.

Below are some criterions for choosing the right secondary source: All essays follow a particular standard or format which includes an introduction, body, and a conclusion.

These parts must be included in an essay to be termed as complete.


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